Chief Otsuka
Chief Otsuka in 2004 series

Other Names:

Inspector Blooper (English dub, excluding 2004 series), Shigeru Otsuka (1980 series and Godmars)

Japanese Name:


Voice Actor/Seiyuu:

Tomita Kousei (1963 series,1980 series & Godmars), Inaba Minoru (2004 series), Matsuyama Takashi (Gao!) Cliff Owens (English dub, 1963 series), Tom Wyner (English dub,1980 series), Don Brown (English dub, 2004 series), Marcello Prando (Italian dub)




Shotaro Kaneda (Apprentice) Prof. Shikishima (Friend) Mrs. Otsuka (Wife)/Ms. Takamizawa (Secretary, 2004 series only), Shiori Nishina (Granddaughter, FX only)

Chief Otsuka (大塚署長) is the police chief of Tokyo, Shotaro's father figure in the 2004 series, and Dr. Shikishima's best friend. His name in the Gigantor dub was Inspector Ignatz J. Blooper, and his personality became a lot less authoritative. His name is Shigeru Otsuka in the 1980 series and Godmars series.

He takes his jobs as a policeman and a surrogate parent very seriously, usually never giving up on solving his cases. In his free time, he is very friendly, easily-excited, and very concerned about Shotaro's safety.

2004 series Edit

The paternal side of Otsuka is more visible in this series, and it is shown through a flashback in episode 21 that he raised Shotaro. Also in the series, it becomes very, very apparent that he doesn't like Kenji Murasame, at one point attempting to shoo him away (literally). However, he and Takamizawa convert Kenji's apartment into the location of their short-lived detective agency. As well, he is shown smoking a few episodes later, but only for less than 45 seconds, and it's presumable that he either picked that habit up while unemployed, or it was a characteristic abandoned at the last minute.

1980 series Edit

FX series Edit

Chief Otsuka appeared only in Shotaro's flashbacks, alongside Prof. Shikishima. However, he has a granddaughter named Shiori Nishina.

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In this series, Otsuka is shown being the secretary of The Cosmo Crusher Squad.

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