Prof. Shikishima
Prof. Shikishima in 2004 series

Other Names:

Bob Brilliant (English dub, excluding 2004 series), Dr. Espinosa (Spanish dub), Takashi Shikishima (1963 series), Dajirou Shikishima (1980 series)

Japanese Name:


Voice Actor/Seiyuu:

Yada Minoru (1963 series), Yoshio Kaneuchi (1980 series), Ushiyama Shigeru (2004 series), Yamamoto Kanehira (Gao!) Peter Fernandez (English dub, 1963 series), Doug Stone (English dub, 1980 series), Michael Kopsa (English dub, 2004 series), Luca Ward (Italian dub)




Ms. Shikishima (wife), Tetsuo Shikishima (Son)/ Makiko Shikishima (Daughter, 1980 series only), Shotaro Kaneda, Chief Otsuka (Friend), Prof. Kaneda, Prof. Franken (Colleagues), Prof. Big Fire (Colleague, 2004 series only)

Prof. Shikishima (敷島博士) is the owner and leader of Shikishima Heavy Industries, as well as Shotaro's mentor. He had previously been Dr. Kaneda's assistant while Kaneda was building Tetsujin. His name in the Gigantor dub was Dr. Bob Brilliant, and he became Shotaro/Jimmy's uncle. His first name is Takashi in the 1960 series and Dajiro in the 1980 series.

In the 2004 series, he frequently gives Shotaro advice on how to treat and think of Tetsujin, telling him that the two are brothers. Shikishima appears very serious and deadpan all the time, but can be very emotional and cares deeply about his family. He, early in the 2004 series, attempts to complete and resurrect Tetsujin #27.

Family Life Edit

In the manga and 2004 series, he is married with a son named Tetsuo. His wife is only ever named in the 1980 series, where she is called Utako. Another big change in the 1980 series is how Shikishima has a daughter, named Makiko, whom serves as Shotaro's classmate and possible love interest, and Tetsujin's last-minute controller.

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Prof. Shikishima only appeared in Shotaro's flashbacks alongside Chief Otsuka.

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Connection to Nikoponski Edit

Note: This section contains extremely vital spoilers for the 2004 series. Read ahead at your own discression.

In the 2004 series, it is, for a while, assumed that Shikishima was killed by the train tracks and his body taken away. However, later on, it turns out that Chloroform attempted to kill Shikishima, but was saved by the unknown spy. Shikishima and Kuro ("Man in Black" in English dub) would then take turns disguising themselves as Nikoponski - whom tipped-off Shotaro and attempted to deal with the PX Syndicate - while the other was in hiding. At one point after Shikishima was discovered alive, he disguised himself as Chloroform and Kuro disguised himself as Shikishima, which worked until Kuro got shot, causing everyone to panic that Shikishima was dead again.

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Z2 (Saisei hen)Edit

In Japan Route, Shikishima explains to Esther about Tetsujin # 28. However in this series, he is with Prof. Yumi in some scenario possibly due to them being colleagues (as mentioned by Sayaka Yumi to Shotaro).

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