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Hara Yasuyoshi, Don Brown (English dub)




Kelly (Brother) Prof. Dragnet (Friend, mentor?)

Johnson is the younger brother of Kelly and lab assistant to the late Dr. Dragnet. He and his brother were approximately 10-15 when they witnessed of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which killed their parents. Affected by the bombing, the two promised to find a world devoid of war, leading them to be interested in going to space. Not much about the rest of Johnson's life is shown, but he begins working for Dr. Dragnet and is forced to operate on Kelly for the Tetsujin Project.

Kelly (left) and Johnson (right)

He also helps in the contruction of Gilbert. When Kelly returns, he locks Johnson in a basement while stealing his identity. Kelly pretends to be Johnson long enough to let Dragnet's guard down and kill him. Johnson is freed by Shikishima not long after Kelly falls apart, and comes to Otsuka's office to explain himself and take home Kelly's parts. The last that is shown of Johnson is of him walking away from the building, weeping silently over Kelly's face.

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  • During Kelly's death, David Bowie's "Space Oddity" was played only in the Japanese and British releases of the episode.

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