Messenger of the Sun! Tetsujin 28
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Other names:

A Plot to Steal the Sun (English dub), Un inviato del sole (Italian dub)

Airing date:

October 3, 1980


Imazawa Tetsuo


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Tetsujin has been Stolen!

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  • After the destruction of Branch Robo #1 and Shotaro thanked Tetsujin, Shotaro's yellow coat was noticed but Shotaro didn't retrieved it until seconds later wherein he became an official ICPO member.

Difference from New Gigantor dub Edit

  • In the original version of this episode, the narrator mentioned that solar energy became the major source of energy took place in 1990 while in the English dub, he mentioned that this event took place in the 21st Century (Most likely fitting the Gigantor setting).
  • During Prof. Shikishima’s meeting with Chief Otsuka in the original dub, Otsuka told Shikishima how Shotaro and Makiko were doing. In the English dub, Insp. Blooper/Chief Otsuka that Prof. Brilliant/Prof. Shikishima was a family (relative) to Jimmy/Shotaro (cue being Jimmy’s/Shotaro’s uncle in 1963 series).
  • A scene depicting Makiko and Shotaro riding bikes for school and Shotaro passing through the badminton area in the Shikishima lab were cut to make way for commercial breaks.
  • Also a scene where Chief Otsuka ordering the
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    One error of this episode shows that Shotaro has his yellow coat with him before he become an ICPO official in later scenes.

    tanks to fire Branch Robo #1 was cut in the English dub.
  • A clip from the 1963 series (depicting Gigantor/Tetsujin 28) showed up in the dub, which gave the hint that this series was the sequel to that of the 1963 version in Gigantor franchise. This clip however never appeared in the original dub. Additionally, this clip, in the dub, plastered few scenes from the original dub.
  • In the dub, Prof. Brilliant (Prof. Shikishima) explained how Gigantor (Tetsujin 28) was altered and redesigned while Prof. Shikishima's explanation about Tetsujin 28 was slightly different in the original.

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The New Adventures of Gigantor - 01 - The Plot to Steal the Sun

The New Adventures of Gigantor - 01 - The Plot to Steal the Sun

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Super Robot 28 - Episodio 1 Un Inviato Del Sole-0

Super Robot 28 - Episodio 1 Un Inviato Del Sole-0

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