Tatsu Murasame

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Seki Tomokazu Andrew Toth (English dub)




Ryuusaku Murasame, Kenji Murasame (Adopted brothers)

Tatsu Murasame is one of the 2004-exclusive characters, the surrogate youngest brother of the Murasame brothers. He is mostly known for appearing in the first episode, being crushed by Tetsujin 28 at the end, and then dying in the very beginning of the second episode.

As shown in a flashback, Ryuusaku discovered the orphaned Tatsu at the side of the road shortly after the city was firebombed. Tatsu was subsequently adopted, and as Kenji later puts it, "having Tatsu made us feel like we had a family again." He was the youngest of the three, and lived with Ryu on a houseboat. Tatsu was briefly shown to have a talent of stealing food, and tended to accidentally shoot when cornered. During the only one of the Murasame robberies shown on screen, he appears to love money, even rubbing it on his face in the background of one scene. According to Geneon's now-defunct official website, Tatsu is "friendly and loved by all."

Death Edit

Tatsu's death is unexpected and awkward at best. When the Murasame brothers accidentally get into Tetsujin's rocket chamber, Tatsu pulls a lever and falls onto Tetsujin's hand. The robot activates soon after, clenching its fist, thus slowly crushing Tatsu to death. Now, look at your hand. Open and close it a few times, and pretend there is a little person in your hand. Do you see any possible escape routes, like the entire space from your pinky joint to your wrist joint?

Tatsu also holds the record of appearing for alive for less than eight minutes, and during the Thrill Suspense arc, Kenji seems to forget the fact that Tatsu even existed, despite the fact that Ryu had Tatsu's corpse in the car when he drove into Tetsujin's leg. He is brought up when Kenji takes Shotaro  to Ryu's old houseboat, and during the Tetsujin trial, when Tetsujin's victims are listed.

It apparently was briefly considered that the three Murasame brothers would be recurring antagonists up until episode 6, but when it was realized that the Franken arc needed the same episodic space, the best option from there seemed to be killing off Tatsu and Ryu. The truth is, Tatsu only existed as a plot device that would lead to Ryu killing himself, thus pushing Kenji to pursue revenge.

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