Shotaro, Alice, and Tetsujin

Tetsujin 28: Emperor's Emblem ( 鉄人28号 皇帝の紋章) is a 2004 standalone manga by Yuichi Hasegawa. Running in Kodansha's Magazine Z from March 2004 to February 2005, the series has since been collected into 3 tankoubon volumes.

Story Edit

In 1955, Shotaro meets a girl named Alice Dragnet, and hears about the disappearance of a Japanese robot. Before Hitler's fall, the Nazi treasure was sent to ten different researchers, one particular treasure item being the Emperor's Coat of Arms. The treasure must be recovered by winning it through robot battles, and Shotaro and Tetsujin compete to bring the treasure back to Japan.

Characters Edit

Note: Unless mentioned below, all listed characters appeared without major changes.

Shotaro Kaneda

Chief Otsuka

Dr. Shikishima

Kenji Murasame

Dr. Franken: A robotics genius who fled from Germany to America, detesting the use of robots as soulless weapons. He joins the robot battles with Black Ox.

Alice Dragnet: An original female character, the orphaned daughter of Dr. Dragnet who was born in Poland. She immediately went to Shotaro for help on the robot battles, and is very trusting of him.

Nelke: A female Nazi who joins the robot battles. Her personality is coy, devious and disturbingly-loyal to Hitler. Shotaro hates her intensely, and Murasame once calls her a "shotacon".

Dr. Dragnet

Superhuman Kelly

Dr. Bigfire

Robots Edit

Tetsujin 28

Black Ox




Fire II




Furnace: An original robot, equipped with 50 megaton nuclear bombs that it can shoot intercontinentally. As well, it contained lava, which could be spilled onto its opponents.