He's like The Penguin of anime...

Thrill Suspense (スリル サスペンス) is an American mob boss who takes his gang into Japan with the intent to gain control of Tetsujin 28. He appears in almost all incarnations of the Tetsujin series, except for the 1980 and 1992 series.

Japanese voice actor: Yousuke Akimoto (2004)

English voice actor: Ray Owens (1963), Ron Halder (2004)

Appearances Edit

In the manga and 1963 series, Thrill Suspense takes his gang into Japan upon hearing about Tetsujin's power and capabilites. From there, they hunt down and threaten Shotaro repeatedly for the control box, regardless of the efforts Otsuka and Murasame put against them.

In the 2004 series, Thrill Suspense learns about Tetsujin and has his gang hide in Shotaro's house, but they are thrown out after an incident with electrified carpet. Kenji Murasame meets, and subsequently joins them, hoping that with his help, they can get the control box and take Tetsujin out of Japan. After faking a train accident and luring Shotaro in, they take the control box and begin using Tetsujin to rob various museums and banks in Tokyo. Kenji is outraged and orders them to take Tetsujin back to America, but the gang believes that, since America on World War II, they have every right to rob Japan. They promptly beat Kenji senseless and throw him into the ocean. Shotaro and Kenji, the latter having the help of an American general, later go back to the hideout to regain the control box. The American robot Bacchus fights with Tetsujin, but the robots accidentally crush the hideout, killing Thrill Suspense's gang. He later reappears and attempts to shoot Shotaro, but is shot by Otsuka instead.

His Gang Edit


L-R: Rock-N-Roll, Longrun, Jilba

The Thrill gang has been composed of three recurring men, with one extra person in the 1963 series. They did not have notable speaking roles in the black and white anime, but were individually named and characterized in the 2004 series.

Longrun is supposedly the youngest member of the group, with a scar on his left cheek. He is seen closely with Rock-N-Roll. (Voiced by Takehiro Murozono, Jerry Rector) Rock-N-Roll is short and rotund, Longrun's partner, and appears to be hyper and sarcastic. (Voiced by Norio Tsukui, Shawn MacDonald) Jilba is Thrill Suspense's righthand man, always seen with his hat over his eyes, and is skilled with guns. He hates Kenji, and uses his last strength to try and shoot him after the hideout collapses. (Voiced by Takeru Miyashita, Lee Tockar) The fourth man, whom appears only in the 1963 series and nowhere else, is named Twist. He is the oldest and most agressive member of the gang.